SynapseIndia Recruitment team ensures quality hiring

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SynapseIndia Recruitment team pays a lot of emphasis on hiring quality candidates.

In order to ensure that the recruitment is successful, it is very important to have an effective company’s website. Before applying for an open position, most of the candidates first go through the company’s websites.

SynapseIndia Founder Shamit Khemka says, “Company’s website is the description of your services, mission and vision, goals. If all the details are not mentioned correctly then there are chances that candidates may not approach for the required vacancy.”

At the organization, we regularly update all the latest services and happenings on our official website so that one can get complete details about working-culture at the organization.

SynapseIndia recruitment team pays emphasis on hiring candidates who can help us achieve our company’s mission and vision.

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SynapseIndia recruitment process stays updated with the latest trends

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SynapseIndia recruitment team inculcates latest trends in their hiring process.

Mobile recruiting has emerged as the most watched out and latest trends in the recruitment industry. It is a recruitment strategy that uses mobile technology to attract, engage and convert candidates.

Most of the candidates visit a company’s mobile site to learn and apply for the latest career opportunities. “One click” job applications have become more common where candidates get the chance to send their resume directly via mobile.

IT Mentor Shamit Khemka believes that mobile is on the rise and employers are now updating their hiring process to better reach talent. This channel has become an optimal way to reach the well-connected, busy job candidate.

SynapseIndia Recruitment team has always played a crucial role in helping us build a solid team of experienced professionals.

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SynapseIndia recruitment: Top grading interviews for applying candidates

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SynapseIndia recruitment team conducts top grading interviews during recruitment.

The Topgrading interview process starts with a detailed job description that accurately portrays the skills, experience and personal qualities a candidate needs to be successful in the vacant position.

All the applying candidates then fill a career history form in which they mention the details like education, work experience etc. Then, the corresponding team conducts an interview in which they explore the applicant’s education, work experience and career goals.

Shamit Khemka, SynapseIndia Founder and Director, says “Our recruitment team stays up to date with latest trends in hiring industry as per international standards to hire the perfect candidate for the job.”

In the final phase, the interviewers grade each candidate against the required job skills and then accordingly select the perfect candidate for the interview. SynapseIndia recruitment also follows this top grading interview system to ensure quality hiring.

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About SynapseIndia Recruitment team

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The SynapseIndia recruitment team consists of passionate professionals who work to hire the right candidate for the right job.

The recruitment team at an organization needs to be aggressive as well as patient. Aggressive here means that the recruiters should be passionate enough to hire the right candidates and close the open positions. Recruitment also requires a lot of patience. It’s about finding the right person that will do the job, enjoy the job and want to stay and grow with the company.

SynapseIndia Founder Shamit Khemka says, “Being passionate in the recruitment industry means listening to candidates carefully, storing the information and then accordingly shortlisting the candidate to hire the perfect person for the required job in the given time.”

SynapseIndia recruitment team carefully checks company’s requirement and then accordingly hire the candidate who can contribute to the company’s growth.

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Synapseindia Recruitment

SynapseIndia gives you a an opportunity to excel in your IT career. We work on all latest technologies and services for clients globally.

The recruitment team at the organization follows a systematic and well aligned recruitment process. We hire freshers as well as experienced professionals for various technical and non technical profiles.

The recruitment process at the organization is a one day event where you will be updated about the result on the same day. The SynapseIndia Recruitment team is active on various social media channels and leading job portals.

You can get complete details about the job description on these portals. Be a part of challenging and growing work-culture by applying for various jobs at SynapseIndia.

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SynapseIndia Recruitment for IT professionals

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The SynapseIndia recruitment team hires skilled and logical professionals.

Head hunting is one of the most widely used methods of hiring in the recruitment industry. It is a form of recruiting in which the recruiter search for the right candidates with the required skills and then contact them to participate in the recruitment process.

Recruiters generally use this method when they have to close an open position immediately and they don’t want to waste time in placing an ad and waiting for candidates to apply.

IT Mentor Shamit Khemka says, “Headhunting is done to recruit top management executives, who are highly skilled and resourceful and their contribution can lead to success of the organization. It is also done for employees who can help the business gain a competitive edge in the market.”

The SynapseIndia recruitment team also hires professionals through rigorous and systematic recruitment process.


SynapseIndia Recruitment for IT professionals

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SynapseIndia recruitment team hire freshers as well as experienced professionals for various profiles.

The work-environment at the organization offers you the unique benefit of continuous learning and growth at all levels. We also believe that ideas can pop up from anywhere and hence promote an employee friendly and open work-culture where everyone gets an equal opportunity to grow and share their feedback.

Shamit Khemka, SynapseIndia Founder, says “We provide you multiple reasons to work with us. Besides being a market leader in IT industry, we provide a quite enthusiastic and passionate work-culture for our employees.”

We also provide various technical trainings to employees in order to groom their skills. Most of the employees are stable in the organization and continuing since the beginning. SynapseIndia Recruitment Team is also active on various social media channels and leading job portals.